Infrasonic Recordings (UK) recently relaunched its label with the release of 'Without U' feat. LNYX.  Check out the music video HERE!

Forthcoming progressive house tune ' Crashing Over Me' will be released on Intricate Records on June 12th along with remixes by MBX, Proluction, and Louder Dale.  Pre-order your copy and support the artists who all did amazing work creating their own unique take on this track!

Listen to extended & radio mixes here!

Watch the music video here!  

A departure from other genres like progressive trance and rock, 'Magnified' is a deep dive into progressive house with an emphasis on melody and atmosphere.  

Listen (and support) on your favorite streaming platforms here:

Music blog 'Talk About Pop Music' recently wrote about Epidemika.  Watch music videos and stream some of his songs HERE!

On August 27th, 'the new collaboration with Torrnado featuring ODELL from TV's The Voice will be released on Abora Recordings (USA) and Masana Records (EU).  In the meantime, watch the music video HERE!

'Heartbeat' - a collaboration with Torrnado (Josh Torrance of Baptized in Blood) is the featured progressive EDM track on Daily  Dose of Bass!  Read HERE!

Watch the music video for Epidemika's new single 'Just Want Your Love' by clicking HERE!

Download your free copy of the song by clicking HERE!

'Heartbeat' by Epidemika & Torrnado is featured as the opening track on Progressive Trance Selections Volume 12 by LW Recordings.  The compilation also presents tracks and remixes from LOKIMusic, New Ordinance, Alter Future, Mark Van Rijswijk, Mohamed Neptune, Nourey, Moonlight Tunes, Dylhen, Arkam, Aldous, Rita Raga, Andrew Fields, Daniel Nova, Victor Steff, Rad Ma, Dream Travel, INVIRON, VictorV, Cédric Lass, Fonzerelli, Born 87, Blufeld, Maglev & Mike Spinner, Milad E & Scolario, Kris Samsel, INCI3ION feat. Zara Taylor, Angel Sar, and Vojageur.  Release date July 1, 2019.

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